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“ 10 minutes left to go now. All seems quiet. ”

Fanreview link below

T3:WotM review

War of the Machines Fan Review

Mon 8 Dec 2003 | 20h11 GMT+1
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"10 minutes left to go now. All seems quiet. The boys on the lower floor are talking about what we're going to eat when we get back to base. We're not exactly dining in style, but the rations are improving what with the stockpiles we're managing to capture, and the added sophistication we're managing to get within the bases. In fact I think I'm going to try and get mys- wait. I see movement! Three, no four, no, shit, five Endo's and a couple of F/K's coming this way! The air's lighting up with plasma fire coming from one direction, with Rockets being the strongest reply we can muster. Looks like I'll be earning my meal today..."

The above paragraph is one small section of a new and very detailed fanreview! TerminatorFiles has been in contact with Chris Cox for several times and the newest info he send in is a full and very cool review of Terminator 3: War of the Machines! Depicted with an ingame story and filled with full fledged analyses' of the entire game... ranging from the smallest details to the very important network playability.

So, wanna know how it starts and ends? Then check the link on the top of this page... and get ready for some serious action! Even whilst just reading it ;).

Click top link for full story/review!

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