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“ Get ready for some serious shit... soon on a computer near YOU! ”

Upcoming TerminatorFiles' developments

Important TF notice!

Fri 5 Dec 2003 | 13h00 GMT+1
Info: TF News

We've been in debate with our service provider about developing a very advanced database driven collectables interface.

So what the hell is up?!

In the beginning of this site only one person was able to change content on the collectables pages of this site. But with many timeconstraints at hand, the mass of ever growing collectables on several offline harddrives (on multiple members computers), not to mention the over-acquisition of info that needs to be included... an imminent update of our entire collectables database was needed. And quick!

Since we have lots of things laying around to be reviewed... we thought we'd change the entire collectables part of the site NOW, whilst we still had more things to add then there were already online. The next few weeks we'll focus on the developments, design and other tidbits we want the include in our new online collectables reviews!

Collectables database

Things are being build whilst you read this article... or as stated on the main page of our site. The collectables part of the database will be fully intergrated with the rest of the site (or so we are developing), interactively crosslinked, and lots of more cool items that were earlier stated in this article; fans should contact us about what they want to see included in the system... (this was some 9 days ago as we can recall) and some fans reacted with additions to our allready very expanded list. We have deleted it from this news... because the entire system is now in development and we are already including more items then previously listed!

This is soo cool!
A much easier system (for users and us)
... that can be updated by the entire WEBteam!

Get ready for some serious shit... soon on a computer near YOU!

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