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“ Well, I'm not going to waste any more of your time reading this than I'm surly wasting writing it. ”

Or will you yourself read on?!

War of the Machines cracked up by critical fans

Mon 1 Dec 2003 | 19h45 GMT+1

Personally we have not yet played the official release of the War of the Machines game (only the PR demo). After checking some sites for more info, we eventually came across some on the official T3 forum; A critical (re)view on the features and playability.

Dangerdog of the T3 forum

"When I first heard that Arnold and Co. were going to make another Terminator movie, the first thing that crossed my mind was 'Cool, I hope this means the license will be picked up and someone makes a computer game based in the Terminator universe.', honest, I was more excited over the prospect of fighting Terminators in a FPS than the actual movie. While the movie created mixed feelings over the continuation of the Terminator saga, I would suspect everyone dreams about taking down an army of T-800's just like you see in the movies, and with pc graphics and processing power today it seems that this could be accomplished in a most realistic and surreal environment."

"Sure enough shortly after the movie was announced in production it seemed all the tie in products were announced around the same time, including console and pc games due to come out at the movies release if not shortly after. It was no surprise that the console game would follow the movie script as a basis for it's content, I kind of expected the pc version just to be a port of the console as is done so often these days; but hey, it's been dry county for Terminator pc games since Bethesdas Futureshock / Skynet games, I'd be glad to play another Terminator game either way. Then I read that the PC version was going to be different, taking on a divergent path from the console game, and that it would have both a single play and an on-line multiplayer component."

"So what did we end up with? Well for starters it was mentioned awhile back that the single play element was dropped so that they could focus on making the multiplayer experience better, okay fair enough - I mean it was a little bit much to ask for in such a short development time frame, and multiplayer is where it's at on the pc for the most part - look at counterstrike for example."

"No doubt you've heard that Arnold supposedly worked closely with the game developers, allowing his likeness to be used as well as his voice, sounds pretty cool right? You get to step into the shoes of 'the man', aside from maybe referencing a bunch of photos of Arnold or maybe a 3D scan of his face that was used in the making of the movie, it seems like the most effort that Arnold would have to put forward would be to maybe record a few one liners for the game, again some of these I'm sure would be recorded in a studio for the movie, which one would assume would also be used in the computer game. Probably one of the biggest surprises is the lack of support in this area, oh the player model looks fine, but the voices.. when you spawn you either here Arnold say "It's time" or "I'm back", through out the game which mostly resembles capture and hold, think BF1942, there are automatic voice prompts to some of your actions, capture a map point and your character says "Base captured", only when you're Arnold instead of hearing Arnolds voice it uses the generic soldier voice, which by the way even though you can pick different types of soldiers all sound exactly the same."

"Well, I'm not going to waste any more of your time reading this than I'm surly wasting writing it, I'll just summarize with a few points or heads-up on this game."

  • Slow movement, I can understand wanting to slow the pace down and make it more tactical but the run speed is too slow; they should have implemented an adrenaline / energy booster that would allow your character to sprint a short distance and then have to wait for it to recharge.
  • Don't expect any in depth single play here folks, you can pick a map and spawn in with bots (no option of difficulty here, not that it would matter the bots are too stupid to even get in your vehicle or use any vehicles for that mater) You play a map and when the timer expires you 'disconnect' and choose another.
  • You can't kill anyone by running them over, the only good thing here is that if your vehicle takes on too much damage and explodes you eject and are unharmed from the explosion / crash.
  • No mod tools to create more maps, not that it would probably do any good because people would have to download them first.
  • Probably the biggest screw-up of them all, no dedicated server option, joy to anyone playing an internet game on the whim and connection speed of someone hosting a game.
  • Death animations, when you kill a terminator they just fall over and two seconds later they just disappear, not with any fade out or anything, just 'blink' they're gone. The T-101's and fk's go out in a blaze of glory by exploding first atleast. (Shows for a lack of polish on this game).
  • Arnold's voice overs, the few that are there don't really even fit in with the rest of the sounds, like when you walk up to a health box (yeah terminators can heal themselves with first aid, who would have thought) he says "Weapon aquired", let me tell you I have a T2 Pinball machine that has better voice recordings of Arnold than this game.

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