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“ Enemies in the demo are pretty limited and pretty much consist of the same model Terminator that you are, but less resilient. ”

Chris Cook reviews new game

T3 Redemption movie clips

Tue 18 Nov 2003 | 21h00 GMT+1
Info: has released some info and clips of the upcoming new Terminator game Redemption.

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Chris Cook's review

The demo begins in the bombed-out remains of what was once a city, right in the thick of things as humans and robots are scampering about in battle. Arnold has a machine gun at his disposal, which thankfully, is loaded down with infinite ammunition. He is also able to use certain objects in the environment as weapons, say a road sign, and either swing it like a melee weapon or throw it at distant enemies.

For those times when he has to get up close and personal, he is capable of dishing out a punch and kick combo that ends with a hail of gunfire. Arnold also has a special view display called "Terminator Vision" which basically throws the screen into a reddish hue and allows you to gain a better bead on enemies as well as any objectives you may need to keep track of during the level.

In the demo you need to take out a special robot Command ship, but in order to do so you'll need to first destroy its four engines. Also, you can't let the ship get too far ahead of you or it'll fly away into the night, out of your spindly and metal grasp.

Enemies in the demo are pretty limited and pretty much consist of the same model Terminator that you are, but less resilient. They can take the damage, and some will even get blown in half after eating too much lead. That's no reason to let up on the trigger, as the severed half that's still moving will crawl along the game and try to gnash away at your ankles.

Arnold has a few other tricks up his sleeves, as he can commandeer vehicles that he runs across and use them for his own transportation. The first vehicle you get to control is a truck with a machine gun mounted in its bed. The control was a little wonky during the truck sequences and it was a bit tricky to get used to using the left analog stick to steer the truck and the right one to aim my gun. But hey, it's a demo and a free and unexpected one at that.

Your truck is no magic ride, and when it's taken its fill of bullets you can jump off from it onto Terminator Sentinels - the animation of which is pretty darn cool. The last vehicles we got a chance to mess around with was a helicopter. While you don't actually get to pilot it around, you do get to man the massive chain-gun that's parked in the back of it.

So far the demo is looking pretty impressive. While I did find some controls that felt like they needed a little tweaking, the attention to detail in the game is obvious from the get-go. Arnold, as he takes more and more damage, will start to shed his skin and clothing, reducing him to his Terminator endoskeleton.

While a lot of the sound in the demo is comprised of gunfire and explosions, you'll also be able to hear radio transmissions from the human fighters as they're attempting to hold their ground against their enemies. Also, the demo is full of those deep and intellectual one-liners that Arnold is famous for. Acting!

Most of all, I'm really interested to see how this installment in the Terminator universe will unfold story-wise, since we're all pretty much familiar with the three movies and it would be cool to see just how Arnold gets himself to the past, from the future, in order to protect, um, the future. Oh, you know what I mean.

The game is currently slated to release in the Fall of next year, and is being developed by Paradigm Entertainment and published by Atari.

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