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“ Read about the +'s and -'s from different people in the field of moviemaking ”

More than 175 reviews to read?

175+ Reviews available on Rotten Tomatoes

Thu 6 Nov 2003 | 13h49 GMT+1

In our search for more news, we came along this Rotten Tomatoes site and the mass quantity of reviews it has available. Read about the +'s and -'s from different people in the field of moviemaking, ranging from fanoriented sites, official articles sites, moviereviewers and ordinary reporters ... to fans themselves.

Some of the quotes on the page include;

  • "Big, tough Arnold, huge product placement, and no clever story. Yet the formula works."
  • "Terminator 3 is the summer movie of 2003 that hard-core action fans have been awaiting."
  • "Rise of the Machines feels like an old rock band that reunites without one of its key players."
  • "It's a sick kick to watch der Arnold battle a Swiss Army knife shaped like a Maxim cover girl."
  • "Essentially one long chase and fight, punctuated by comic, campy or simplistic dialogue."
  • "Super-fast, sorta dumb, often silly -- and occasionally quite wonderful."

Click top link for Rotten Tomatoes website!

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