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“ TerminatorFiles won Buzztone's $250 contest, but gave it to the Arnold Schwarzenegger 'After School All Stars' charity! ”

Buzztone donated on behalve of Terminator Files

Award Buzztone

If TF wins, everybody wins!

Wed 8 Oct 2003 | 12h00 GMT+1

Do any of your remember the Buzztone 250 dollar sweepstake some months ago? We do and got some wonderfull news!

During the making of the movie, webmasters and sites from all around the world could post a banner and link towards a cool popup, filled with content about the upcoming movie. And the one site that directed the most traffic towards it, could win a grand price; 250 dollars!

TerminatorFiles is the winner!

Thats fabulous news... but you might wonder what ever happened and why you never heared the news before. A transcript of this situation can be found below.

  • At the end of the sweepstakes was contacted with the wonderfull news that we were the winner. But there was a little problem; according to the Buzztone sweepstake rules, the prize could only be send to US residents... and since we are from the Netherlands, Europe... the prize could not be send.
  • Although we could wave the prize (to for example the second place winner), we searched for an alternative to give the prize some meaning.
  • In several emails with our contact at Buzztone, we came to the conclusion to do the second best thing; donate the money to a charity of Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  • Our contact was more then happy to help us on this 'quest' and contacted several agencies send in by us. After School All Stars (formerly know as The Inner City Games) was our main choice... and after a while the donation was a fact. On our behalf, Buzztone send them a check.
  • Although it took a little bit more time we contacted all parties involved and got the go for this cool news to be posted on our site. Check out the cool letter we got from After School All Stars!.

After School All Stars mission

The mission of the After School All Stars is to provide top quality after-school programs with academic, recreation and cultural enrichment components to help young people do well in school and life.

We think the money is well spent. We'd like to wish them all the best in their effort to help out... and hope the 250 dollars gets them on the way!

Special thanx go out to Buzztone for making the donation possible!

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