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“ We have updated the site once more... but this time one could better call it a downdate. ”

360collective is no more

TerminatorFiles 360collective deleted

Sat 20 Sep 2003 | 13h27 GMT+1
Info: TF News

Since our launch we provided a fantastic medium called 360collective, which provided a semi-3D preview of a collectable. However... according to our statistics, the visitors appearently thought it was not; only a small percentage out of our millions of pagehits took their time to view them.

Due to this (and the size of the apps and pictures, which took a total of 11,7 MB)... we have decided to take them off our server and back them up to use in future releases or to sell/send them of to other sites.

We are sorry to see this happen; sorry for most of the visitors not being interested in this cool feature and sorry for us taking so much time building them. 25 items with a editting timespan of 4 hours each is a lot of work. We even felt a bit sorry for deleting them... just for a few minutes.

No worries though

The 11,7 MB worth of space will be filled with more collectables and more info. Some are almost 'up and ready' to be presented online. We hope to have news on these as soon as possible.

Enjoy the rest of the site!

Vic 'TF' van der Put

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