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“ So we get about 1hr 52m and 50s of features. Okay for a first DVD version. ”

Are we happy?

DVD screen

Terminator 3 Menu Screens

Fri 19 Sep 2003 | 20h00 GMT+1

New info about the first release of the Terminator 3 DVD has hit the net.

The first two menu screens have been released. has posted two menu screens on their site. The 2 pictures can also be found in this article. The menu screens do not look nice (but thats our opinion ;).

Here's some info about T3's featurettes:

  • Storyboards - 3m 53s
  • Arnold Intro - 32s
  • Dressed to Kill - 2m 9s
  • T3 Documentary - 13m 0s
  • Toys in Action - 7m 1s
  • Blooper: Gag Reel - 2m 59s
  • Visual Effects Lab - Cyberdine Research (CRS Lab) - 10m 5s
  • Visual Effects Lab: Introuduction - 36m 23s
  • Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines - 11m 0s
  • Making of Terminator 3 (London Daily Mirror DVD) - 24m 0s
  • Deleted Scene: Sgt. Candy - 1m 48s
  • The Film - 104m 35s

So we get about 1hr 52m and 50s of features. Okay for a first DVD version. The only strange thing is the lack of deleted scenes. The way things are right now, the only deleted scene will be the short Sgt. Candy scene.

We plead for more of the deleted scenes on the DVD! Maybe they'll use the deleted scenes for the second version of the Terminator 3 DVD; an Ultimate Edition. Guess we have to wait some more time before we can see the legendary deleted scenes.

Click top link for more info!

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