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“ The game rules consist of a super-simplified, five phase, very fast D6 system. Five D6's and one tape measure are the only game tools required. ”

Gavdin, of the T3 forums

2030 War Against the Machines

Thu 11 Sep 2003 | 09h24 GMT+1

Gavdin, of the T3 forum, has started his first post... about a game in development which might possibly be introduced to C2 Pictures for commercial release.

If you are registered (or going te be)... then head on over to the T3 forum, through the link above and add your own thoughts on this wonderfull news. We ourself would love to see this come to life.

Gavdin's post:

For those wargamers out there, I'm creating a new Terminator miniatures game. Without going into TOO much in-depth detail, for privacy reasons of course (before submission to C2 pictures), all I can say about the game idea is listed below. Picts of my group's first playtest game may be available on this site after November- e-mail with subject header: "2030 War Against the Machines".

For the troops and figures in general, I'm using about 50 of the 25mm/28mm miniatures from the old, somewhat over-complicated and out-of-scale vehicle "Leading Edge Games- Terminator: Year of Darkness" miniatures game. My figs are all painted to competition detail. The old game also provides some decent insight into all things T-1 and T2.

To supplement the "Skynet Machine Forces," I am using hard to find (and very expensive), out of print "Horizon" and "Monsters in Motion" kits of the H.K. Tank and Aerial H.K.. I am also modifying one of the Aerial H.K.'s to resemble the Aerial H.K. Gunship as seen in the opener of T3. Also in the works are 3 scratch built 'Skynet Defense Grid' sensory stations (some auto-armed), and 1 high-tech deployment-truck vehicle for the terminator endoskeletons.

Planned terminator types to be used are upgraded CS-1A Patrol H.K. (as seen in T3), CS-TM101 Infiltrator (as seen in T-1 and T2, Arnie!), CS-TM105 Infiltrator (as seen in T-1 'future cut-to', cloaked and armed with heavy plasma-weapon), CS-TM850A Infiltrator (as seen in T3, Arnie!), CS-TM600 (slower, rubber skin model), CS-TM800 endo (mainly seen battlefield variant), CS-TM850 endo (twin weapon 'command' variant), CS-TM900 endo (from comic books, streamlined T-800 with faster reflexes and heavier armor), CS-XTM1000 (as seen in T2, hemi-metipolly-alloy), CS-XTerminatrixM (the T3 killer babe machine!). The abbreviations above mean: CS= Cyberdyne Systems, TM=Terminator Model, XTM/XTmxM= Experimental Terminator Model, etc.).

For the "Human Resistance Army" - I've created 12 scratch-built to scale, beat-up looking, post-holocaust gun trucks, escape cars, jeeps, and missile trucks. And to beef up the game, rules for grenades ('fragmentation', 'e.m.p.', 'high explosive', 'smoke', 'incindiary', and the coveted 'demo-gharge'), and even an armored semi-truck filled with liquid explosive, to ram Skynet defenses- if it can make it that far! "Cover action... plow the row!!!"

For terrain, I'm creating a 5'x5' post-nuke-war city section of battlefield to "fight" battles in/on. Each 'army' will have a points value attached to each simplified vehicle, or asset's game statistics. Skynet forces will always outnumber Human Resistance forces by 1/3 points, except in certain "withdrawal," "ambush," and "desperate assault" scenarios, and the like.

The game rules consist of a super-simplified, five phase, very fast D6 system. Five D6's and one tape measure are the only game tools required. The phases planned are an alternating Tactical phase (vehicles move first, and then individual and squad movement), Melee phase (hand-to-hand fighting), Ballistics phase (lotsa shooting), Repair phase (vehicles, endoskeleton, and fire damage resolution), and Regroup phase (winning squads can regroup, losing human squads fall back, and adjustments are made to unit rosters).

This optional use, unofficial "Intellectual Property" is owned by TDM of Knight-Games, 2003.

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