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“ This CD is a tribute to Fiedel, and his loyalists ”

Andrew James Thomas' T3 re-score

Terminator 3 fan re-score

Sun 17 Aug 2003 | 17h34 GMT+1

Andrew James Thomas (T3Rescore of the official T3 forum) has made his own score for T3. His thoughts on rescoring T3:

Most of the music in Terminator 3, that was released by Marco Beltrami lacked any real feel. It was more or less, very superficial to put it bluntly. The industrial aspect was still there through orchestra, however it was all cliched in from what Brad Fiedel had already accomplished.

This CD is a tribute to Fiedel, and his loyalists. Who love his style and techniques. We missed them alot in the third installment of the terminator series. But with this fan album, you can get a little bit of what was lost.

Download it now here. It's 27 MB big.

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