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“ Terminator 3 has been number one in every country where it has been released ”

Screen Daily

Terminator 3 conquers France

Tue 12 Aug 2003 | 10h08 GMT+1
Info: reports: Arnold's new Terminator movie has added France to the long list of countries it has conquered at the box office, according to a report.

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines shot to the top of the box office chart, taking $8 million over the weekend, industry publication Screen Daily said.

That makes it the third most successful opening weekend of the year - behind local hit Taxi 3 and The Matrix: Reloaded.

Terminator 3 has been number one in every country where it has been released, Screen Daily said.

In France, it knocked comedy Le Cout De La Vie off the top spot. It also went to number one in countries including Belgium and Norway this weekend.

Its international success comes after it raked in $72.5 million in its first weekend in the United States and $9.6 million in the UK.

T3 is the first new Terminator film for 12 years and sees the return of Schwarzenegger, 56, who fights the first female "Terminatrix".

He has also captured the headlines after confirming his intention to run as Republican governor of California.

On Saturday, he officially lodged his application to take part in a special election to decide whether to replace California's current Governor Gray Davis.

French Box Office - Biggest Openings of 2003 (August 12th)

  • Taxi 3: $13.2 million
  • The Matrix Reloaded: $12.4 million
  • T3: $8 million
  • X2: $7.9 million
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