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“ A flashback scene with John Connor and his mother Sarah... ”

One of many rumoured cut scenes?!

Rumored cut scenes

Sun 3 Aug 2003 | 16h09 GMT+1
Info: TF News search

The search for items involving cut scenes is a discussion which has had a full blown effect in the Terminator community.

We've searched several sites for these supposed cut scenes and below is a list.

  • An extended death sequence with added dialogue showing the woman in car screaming for dear life, while being killed by the naked T-X.
  • An extended club scene, showing the T-850 beating up the gay stripper before taking his clothes.
  • A slightly longer scene, showing the T-X killing the LAPD officer after making a comment about his gun, before stealing it.
  • An extended death sequence of Kate Brewster's fiancee, showing the T-X using the blender arm-weapon burying into his face and killing him. And some more added shots of the T-X taking his form after hiding the body.
  • A scene showing the T-850 rebooting his internal systems, which erases any corrupted files implanted by the T-X.
  • A flashback scene with John Connor and his mother Sarah, talking about her being diagnosed with leukimia after the events from T2.
  • An extended scene during the gunfight in the cemetery, showing Dr. Silberman having a brief flashback after seeing the T-850's face before he runs away.
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