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“ What do you do if your husband is prone to displaying wandering hands? ”

From a report

Hasta la vista... babes

Thu 24 Jul 2003 | 10h48 GMT+1

When it's Maria Shriver, aka Mrs Arnie Schwarzenegger, you ban all the most eye-catching babes from your private party.

Arnie was under strict instructions from his wife not to flirt. And to keep temptation out of his reach, beauties - including model NELL McANDREW, Page 3 girl LEILANI, and Cutting It's SARAH PARISH - were barred from entering the VIP area until after the musclebound actor had left.

Time and time again gorgeous girls who would normally waltz into the VIP area were told by bruisers: "I'm sorry but it's not possible tonight. There are no girls allowed to get near to Arnold."

A pal of Arnie's whispered to me at the bash: "Arnie is an incurable flirt but you'll notice he isn't speaking to any young pretty girls - there's a reason for that."

"He knows Maria is keeping an eye on him and she's not allowing any model-types through. He has been busy all night speaking to some 70-year-olds who are friends with the producer. I don't think he can be accused of cracking on to them."

Arnie hinted there could be a Terminator 4 at the bash. He said: "It's up to the fans if there is another Terminator. They demanded the other sequels so it depends on the success of this film."

Parts of the article were deleted, because does not condone the way The Sun tends to put in 'gossip and trashtalk' about the star(s). We did link to the original article... for those that are 'really' interested.

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