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“ Is this my last Terminator? No. I've so many more years left ”

Schwarzenegger speaking at the Cannes Film Festival

Possible T4+

Mon 21 Jul 2003 | 23h18 GMT+1
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Is there ever gonna be a T4 (or even more movies)? We've checked our own news databases and collected a few 'gossip', 'talk' and some 'facts' that would predict a possible 4th installment.

Below some quotes of past articles on

  • "It's simple. If T3 does well, we'll be back. All the latest news, but this time, even bigger, better and crammed full of absolutley everything related to Terminator 4. Trust us."

  • "The writer of T4 will be David Wilson (Supernova, The Perfect Weapon). As of now, financers are companies Toho Towah (Japan) and VCL (Germany). Possible directors include Christian Duguay, Ridley Scott (Hannibal, Gladiator) or Rolland Emmerich, John McTiernan. According to plenty of sources, it seems that McTiernan is closest to signing, as that can change."

  • "An initiative by one of the fans... for all the fans: An online petition for a T4 movie. Go to top link and sign in!"

  • "If this one's successful, then of course we'll think about Number 4. And then maybe Number 5 and Number 6. We have some ideas already, but you're not going to get them out of me today."

  • "Jonathan cracked the script and established the right balance of action, storytelling and comedic balance," Borman said. "The picture needs legs -- a second and third weekend -- and Jonathan has given us that chance. A fourth film will be more difficult, but the story opens the door for another and we'll do one as soon as is feasible. We'd like Jonathan back -- if he hasn't gotten too expensive."

  • "Schwarzenegger, who reprises his most famous role in the upcoming Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, told the Australian Age newspaper that he might be back a fourth time. Speaking at the Cannes Film Festival, the 56-year-old actor said, 'Is this my last Terminator? No. I've so many more years left'."

  • "We have reached a plateau now," said Borman confidently. "We have only four deals left with Mark Johnson Productions, C2 Pictures, Spitfire Pictures and Outlaw Productions. "We have a first-look deal with C2 which we made when we went into business on T3 and obviously was also meant to include T4. And judging by the studios' reaction to T3 when we screened it to them five weeks ago, T4 looks like it will happen." Obviously any decisions about T4 will be made after the film opens in July."

  • "Mostow has put his on spin on the Terminator name - but don't let that deter you, his vision is quite noteworthy. I myself was concerned that the absence of Linda Hamilton, Cameron, even Furlong, would spoil it all - not so. Mostow doesn't make you forget they were a part of it all, he simply moves events along briskly, so you don't have time to stop and ponder 'what could have been'".It's as if he has breathed life into the films and kicked them off again - T4 is a shoe-in."

  • "Did you know? Even though Arnie's arguably getting too long in the robo-tooth, T3 producer Hal Lieberman has indicated there's the possibility of a T4. "There's been some discussion," he says, "but there's nothing concrete."
  • "Mostow proved adept at suspenseful action set-pieces in "U-571" and the producers must be pretty confident that the feminine T-X will be a success - they've already floated the possibility of T4. As Arnie says in the trailer: "She'll be back".

  • "A genre neophyte, Danes said that she's open to the idea of reprising her role as Kate Miller should T3 merit a T4. 'Well, I've contracted to do one again,' she said."

  • "If 'T3' is a success, would you be up for another one? I'm actually signed on for two more. But I can't even think a week into the future, much less like that."

We'll try to keep track on this in future pressreleases :)
Wouldn't you just love to hear about it too?!

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