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“ Furlong was sensationally axed from the movie after his drug taking and wild partying spun out of control. ”

He admits spending million on drugs... and overdosed twice.

Edward Furlong

Film star terminated

Mon 21 Jul 2003 | 22h00 GMT+1

Ever wondered why Edward Furlong was out of T3? Well most of us know why... but it was never talked about that much in the media.

The ran a very interesting article about the previously not much debated drug abuse of the former Terminator 2: Judgment Day star. Below is the full articale as available through the link above.

HE vowed: "I'll be back!"

And indeed Arnie Schwarzenegger has roared to the top of the US box office in Terminator 3 this month. But sharp-eyed fans of the mega-hit movie series will spot that there is one star of the films who has not returned when the movie opens in the UK on Aug. 1.

Edward Furlong shot to fame as the young John Connor in Terminator 2. Aged 17 he beat hundreds of other actors to land the part of the only person who can save the world from the attack of the machines.

His portrayal of reluctant hero John won rave reviews and launched him on a career that should have seen him become one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood. It should also have sealed him a multi-million deal to star in Terminator 3.

However Furlong, now 25, was sensationally axed from the movie after his drug taking and wild partying spun out of control. He admits to spending several million dollars on drugs. He has overdosed twice.

The crazy spiral ended in a near fatal heroin overdose that forced him into rehab.

Furlong's role has been taken by hunky newcomer Nick Stahl and now he has become the darling of the critics.

And as Nick, Arnie and the rest of the cast celebrate the success of Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines, Furlong has been left battling a drug addiction that has cost him his Hollywood dream.

Furlong's troubled history was known about by studio bosses. He was arrested twice one day in September 2001 - first in West Hollywood for driving without a licence, then four hours later for driving under the influence and causing a car crash.

However, he convinced T3 executives that he had beaten his demons and was offered the chance to play John again.

But repeated brushes with the law, parties that hit the headlines and a law suit by his former live-in lover got him the boot.

As photos started to surface of Furlong out on the town seemingly partying as hard as ever he was dumped from T3 with film chiefs quoting "prolonged troubles with the law and substance abuse".

It seems their decision helped send Furlong into another downward spiral.

He reportedly went on a 140,000 dollars drug binge over several days which culminated in an alleged heroin overdose last September that almost killed him.

He was rushed to hospital, then checked himself into the exclusive Promises clinic in Malibu. It was his second visit.

A friend said: "Eddie has been partying out of control for a long time. When he lost the central role in Terminator 3 he sunk even deeper into drugs.

"He overdosed at a friend's house in Malibu. His friend had to resuscitate Eddie to bring him back."

Another said: "Eddie knows that either he gets the help he needs now or he'll be just another Hollywood casualty."

Since then Furlong has kept himself out of the spotlight but he has a long history of drug problems.

He first checked himself into Promises in 2000 at the insistence of his agent and pals who had intervened to confront him with his drinking and partying.

But despite spending a month at the 1600-dollar-a-day rehab centre, Furlong was back partying by New Year's Eve - at the Playboy Mansion.

He continued to haunt the Hollywood circuit in search of a good time, chain-smoking and drinking.

Then, in April 2001, came the news that he had been rushed to Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles after what friends feared was an overdose.

Partygoers along Los Angeles' infamous Sunset Boulevard said the evening had started with Furlong showing up at the famed Whiskey A Go-Go to watch a band.

He arrived with a "very beautiful dark-haired woman" on his arm and ignored his ex - gorgeous hotels chain heiress Paris Hilton - who was there too.

As the evening progressed Furlong was found sitting outside next to his date looking "dazed".

One source revealed: "He looked like hell - he either had on a lot of goth make-up or his under-eye circles were horrific. He was completely out of it."

Later Furlong was discovered by his date lying outside in a pool of his own vomit. He was rushed to Cedars Sinai, where he was treated.

A concerned visitor was another ex-girlfriend, Jackie Domac. Furlong reportedly told Jackie that he had wanted to get high again before he cleaned up his act.

She tried to talk him into entering a drug treatment programme immediately. But she says some of his pals arrived and gave him the fix he craved. Jackie, who is 13 years older than Furlong, first met him when she became his tutor when he was 14.

She later took the job as his personal manager and they became lovers. But they split in 1999 and Jackie went to court claiming breach of contract and that he was a woman-battering bully.

Mark Geragos, a lawyer who has acted for Jackie, said later: "Jackie is heartsick about the apparent state of Eddie's physical and emotional health.

Her hope is that those bad influences fade away so that he can regain his will to live a full and meaningful life."

Jackie's actions proved she still cared for Furlong. But during the case she brought against him - which was settled out of court - she claimed he viciously attacked her.

She said: "Furlong pinned me down on the bed. I suffered from the force he placed upon me as he sat on the top of my body and he held me down with his knees and arm. He hit me around the face, head and neck area, torturing me by pretending he was going to hit me in the face as he held me down.

"I used my hands to protect my face and Mr Furlong threw punches at my head. One of his punches hit me in the hand and broke my finger."

She sued Furlong for assault, battery, inflicting emotional distress and breach of contract but did not bring criminal charges.

Since his latest stint in rehab Furlong has tried to turn his life around. Friends claim he now does not touch drugs.

He is currently filming the fourth movie in the Crow series, The Wicked Prayer, in which he plays the lead role of Jimmy Cuervo. The cast also includes Angel star David Boreanaz, party girl Tara Reid, singer Macy Gray and acting veteran Dennis Hopper.

He is then due to start filming of the drama Random Acts Of Kindness opposite Matrix Reloaded star Harold Perrineau.

A friend close to the star said: "Eddie looks like he is finally back on the straight and narrow.

"Missing out on Terminator 3 really got to him for a while but it finally made him realise that he needed to stop partying and take a good look at his life.

"He vowed to quit the drugs and drinking and has thrown all his energies back into his career. We are all hoping that this time he can stay focused on his acting because he is such a talented guy."

Last night Furlong's publicist, David Luster, refused to talk about the star's drug problems.

His office said: "Edward is well and working on the latest Crow movie in Utah."

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