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“ Ever since Terminator 2 was released the fans of the series wanted to see a third installment ”

Schwarzenegger gives the reason for T3 (and a good one ;).

Dutch 'Veronica' interviews

Sun 20 Jul 2003 | 14h49 GMT+1
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The Veronica movieguide had a interesting interview with Kristanna Loken and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Both interviews have been translated from Dutch to English to our best knowlidge ...and are presented below.

Kristanna Loken is the Terminatrix

Kristanna Loken is the enemy of Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator3: Rise of the Machines. The ex-model plays superrobot T-X, beter know as the Terminatrix.

There were many actors and actresses 'on the market' for the role of the superrobot T-X. When the character still was know to be played by a man, the name Vin Diesel came up. When the producers decided it would be a female character, Famke Janssen was tipped for the role, but she turned down the role. Eventually the role went to Kristanna Loken, a 23 year old American with a Norwegian heritage, who at age 15 went into the modeling business and not much later signed a contract at the prestigues modelingagency Elite.

Many actors and actresses have auditioned for the role of the T-X. Why did they choose you?

"I somehow have a natural power that seems to fit the character. I also think they thought I would fit the role and could execute it to the best. Since I was 12 I loved the role of Robert Patrick in Terminator 2, so maybe I always knew (deep inside) I would follow in his footsteps."

What did you like about him?

"His performance was really incredable. The control he had over his appearence was fenominal. He was able to ban any human appearence and function as a real robot."

As the T-X you don't have many lines in the movie...

"That's true. My character says only what is needed. She's not the type that has chit-chat with other characters. As an actress I found that a wonderfull experience. I've learned a lot from my mimecoach. I suddenly realised that many actors can hide behind their lines."

Do you think men will 'fall' for your Terminatrix-image, or will they be afraid.

"What do you think?"

We think it's the first

"Well, that'll be nice. I think it's good that it is a female role, because the movie will appeal to men and women. Women love to see women fight, and men too... so hopefully the movie will have a 'wide variety' audience."

Did you get hurt during the shooting of the movie?

"No. I did get brused a lot, but not to the effect of real injuries. The most difficult scene was when I was being magneticised. Afterwards I was looking black and blue."

One of the scene in the movie you walk naked on the streets of Beverly Hills. How was that?

"Very axciting. A an actor you are willing to take some riscs. What was fun about it was the simplicity of the character. She doesn't know what she is doing. We ran the scene at the last night of shooting. I was able to let my body look the way I wanted to, so I'm very satisfied."

You wear high heals during the movie. Was that difficult?

"I've trained a lot on those high heals. I even practised how to run with them. I can tell you it was not that easy to sprint off on high heals. You have to run with to top of your feet only."

How was it like to work with Arnold?

"It was an empowering experience. His personality is really 'larger then life'. Offcourse he already played the Terminator twice. He knows a lot about the fightingsequences, what works and what doesn't. I've learned a lot by just watching him. The first scene we played together was very important to me. I was standing there with this great movie-hero, in his legendary Terminator-outfit, and I was persumed to be more powerfull then he is. I just couldn't realise it."

There are many young actors and actresses in Hollywood. How do you cope with that?

"I try to be the best I can, not lookin to much at what other people are doing, how they are doing it and with whome they are doing it. I try to stay honest to myself and focus on my own goals."

The movie tells us that the future is set and we can't do anything then follow it. Do you believe that?

"I think some things are 'set', but you do have your own space in it and make your own decisions. It's important to be open and honest. Sometimes people are excluding themselfs from the world around them, that they miss out on things that could benefit them. That's why I try to enjoy everything that is happening at this moment."

Arnold Scharzenegger is back!

12 years after the last Terminator-movie, Arnold Schwarzenegger is back in the role that made him famous. We spoke with him.

The biggest difference with the first two Terminator-movies is that Rise of the Machines is not directed by James Cameron, but by the a litle less known director Jonathan Mostow, who previously made the move U-571. The total control however was at the fingertips of Schwarzengger. Without him the movie would never have been made.

What's the reason for the Terminator 3 movie?

"Ever since Terminator 2 was released the fans of the series wanted to see a third installment. I myself thought the story ended when I was lowered into the molten steel in part 2. But since then one of the first questions in any interview was 'if I was going to make another Terminator movie'. Not even if I did it... but when it was going to be made. It's better to make a sequel when fans ask then make one because you would like to make one for yourself... when there is no interest."

Was it hard to get into the character of this 'new' robot?

"No. When I put on the jacket, the glasses and jump on the motorcycle, I am the character. It's just as simple as that. It's the attitude that fits the machine."

Even after 12 years?

"It felt like it was last month. It's just like bodybuilding. If I was to join a contest at this moment, I would know every pose. If something as big as this is part of your life, then it's easy to pick it up again."

Do you think the role of an actionhero has changed?

"The only difference is that the public expects beter stories then back in the 80s. When a movie had enough action in it, the fans of that age were satisfied. Now-a-days fans are only satisfied when the movie also has a great story. Actionmovies are just as popular as back then, but they have changed and became better."

Does this also transfer to characters in movies?

"When you look at the bad guys, definately. You do not see any stereotyped criminals in the movies, like in some of the older James Bond-movies. You would one have to take a look at Jaws with his steel teath and you would know he was the bad guy. Now-a-days to look as ordinary as any other character in a movie. He can disappear into the crowd. Sometimes it is even a very good looking man or woman, which makes the surprise extra big."

Then how was it like to have a woman advicary that is also supposed to be stronger then you?

"I though this was wonderfull, especially because this was the perfect movie to do it. Just because under all that beaty she's still a machine. It's her camouflage so she fits in the human world. She doen have a femanine attraction towards other machines and also towards me. She is a smarter and more sophisticated machine. She can come up with weapons all by herself, whilst I have to look for them."

Was it hard to play the fightscenes with Kristanna. She is a woman?

"Many times she just said to me: "Grab me, throw me on the ground and do what you like". At first I was affraid to hurt her. After a while I knew how far I could go, but psychologicly it was hard to just pick up a woman and hit her on the floor. Kristanna is a wonderfull teamplayer. She trained hard and was ready to feel the pain. I think it was 'the boy in her' that made her do it and enjoy it."

You yourself are also in top condition

"Thank you for the compliment. I've trained very hard for this movie, also because I've had some health-problems. It started with a motor accident, with which I broke 6 ribs and one of them perforated a lung. After that one of my hips almost popped out of it's socket when I was waterski-ing. So it was important to heal my body before we started shooting Terminator 3."

How many hours a day did you train?

"Two months before the shooting would start I started lifting weights for an hour. After that it became two hours a day, five to six days a week. Also during shooting I kept training, when there was time for it or when a set was rebuild. We started shooting in April and I knew we would shoot that naked scene in June. I would not only undress for those hundreds of people on the set, but also the millions that would see the movie. The you are sure to get into the best shape you can. Follow a strict diet and leave that extra muffin."

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