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“ Blast those mothafackers to junk! ”

... as Kyle would say ;)

Online Terminator 3 gaming

Online Terminator 3 game

Thu 17 Jul 2003 | 12h15 GMT+1

The french official T3 site has a great addition to their expanded content. They made their own cool desktops available, then they added lots of other goodies and now... they've even got an online Flash game!

You are a T-850 (or Arnold) and fight several levels with 'Risen Machines'! Your basic shotgun can not be depleted... but it's not that effective against the machines.

So be sure to shoot crates and barrels, because these present you with heavier equipment, ranging from a cattlin'gun to a rocketlauncher or phased plasma rifle.

Don't overdo the crate shooting... because the stuff that appears is only available in short supply and for a few seconds.

"Blast those mothafackers to junk!"... as Kyle would say ;).

Click top link to enter the French gamesite directly!

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