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“ Hey, eureka! Arnolds ripped off arm in the steel mill paves way for a T3 ”

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The ultimate Terminator 3 FAQ (...sort of)

Wed 9 Jul 2003 | 21h40 GMT+1
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This is old news... but still a good read. A frequent visitor of the boards posted this T3 Frequently Asked Questions... because he/she was getting tired of stupid questions and strange rumors. Here's what was said:

"I made this because I've noticed a lot of stupid untrue rumors that end up giving people a bad taste in their mouth when T3 is mentioned. Lets get started:

Q: Whats that story at "Aint it Cool news" about an actual T3 script critique?

A: It's just that! I'm pretty sure its the real thing. Its got a few spoilers in it, so beware. It tells us that as of now, the official title will be : "T3: Rise of the Machines". It was said to be a very good script.

Q: Who are the people bringing us these sequels?

A: The producers working on these projects are Mario Kassar (T2, Universal Soldier, Red Heat, Basic Instinct 2) and Andy Vajna (Red Heat, Die Hard with a Vengeance, Basic Instinct 2) with their company, C-2 Pictures. The writer of T3 will be Teddi Sarafian (Tank Girl, The Road Killers). The writer of T4 will be David Wilson (Supernova, The Perfect Weapon). As of now, financers are companies Toho Towah (Japan) and VCL (Germany). Possible directors include Christian Duguay, Ridley Scott (Hannibal, Gladiator) or Rolland Emmerich, John McTiernan. According to plenty of sources, it seems that McTiernan is closest to signing, as that can change.

Q: Where will the shooting (no pun intended) take place?

A: According to rumors, T3 looks like its going to be filmed in Montreal, Canada because of lower costs there.

Q: What is the Plot for T3 and T4 and when are they due out?

A: "The war against the machines and the humans will happen ... and this film will show how it happens. John Connor will emerge as the central character in this film, and again he will have another Terminator as one of his allies. But another sentient machine... will become one of Connor's chief adversaries." T3 filming is slated for March of next year, to be released in summer 2002. - Quoted from Coronas coming attractions. The events will take place in the year 2002. Arnold will be the protector, and supposedly a state of the art Female terminator will be the antagonist. The T3 script chronicles the events leading up to Skynet declaring war on the humans. The Machine take over is supposed to be starting, and this film will lead into the fourth film... T4 takes place in the ruins of 2029 that we saw at the beginning of the first 2 movies. There is a bit of uncertainty about its release date. It WAS gonna be in 2004, but no one is sure.

Q: Is T3: Armageddon the real movie script?

A: The title Terminator 3: Armageddon came from a fan of the series that made a piece of crud he calls a script (trust me) and has tried to force it into Hollywood since 1995 or so. THIS WILL NOT NOR WILL EVER BE THE T3 SCRIPT!!! Terminator 3: Apocalypse is just fan fic. Another title floating around is T3: Final Retribution. You can chock this up to being fan fic also. I stress: THESE ARE NOT IN ANY WAY RELATED TO THE T3 MOVIE!!!! ITS JUST FAN FIC!!!!

Q: Why did James Cameron bail out on T3?

A: James was gonna do T3, then the rights were thrown into the air! Another problem was that the budget for his version would've been a crapload of money! I have also heard that Cameron has read the T3 script by Teddi Sarafian. It remains to be seen if he liked it, even though he has said that he has his own visualization for T3, which well never be able to see most likely. Cameron doesn't want to do this movie because he dislikes the producers and he is not in full control.

Q: Is Arnie comin back?

A: Affirmative (yes). He expressed his interest out of nowhere on an episode of "Access Hollywood". Before then, he said that he wouldn't do it without Cameron. Go figure. His involvement includes T3. Its not clear if he's also in T4.

Q: As of now, are Linda Hamilton, Michael Biehn, Michael Edwards (Old John) or Eddie Furlong (young John) involved in this third movie?

A: Linda has expressed her disinterest in the project because her divorced husband is not involved. Plus, she's not up for the vigorous military training again that comes with terminator movies. She's a definite NO Sources say that Furlong HAS indeed signed on. No word on Biehns involvement in T4. The same goes for Michael Edwards.

Q: Who is Leslie Hamilton Gearren?

A: She is the Twin sister of Linda Hamilton. Leslie made brief appearances in T2. For instance, she was the Sarah T-1000 double in the steel mill, and mirrored sarahs image in the mirror for the edited out Chip removal scene in the garage. Leslie has been rumored to be Linda's replacement In T3 if she doesnt cooperate. Just make sure she can act.

Q: Hey, eureka! Arnolds ripped off arm in the steel mill paves way for a T3!!

A: Think! will ya!! THE ARM IN THE STEEL MILL CANNOT POSSIBLY CREATE SKYNET. All the humans can do with that thing is look at it! CPU's are needed in order to create Skynet through a paradox. If I gave you a monitor, could you create a Pentium 3 computer? I think not!!

Q: Does Cyberdyne back up data play any role in the T3 script?

A: No. It has been reported that scientists will create Skynet independently. This means without help from the future, just by pure genius. After all, it was like this before the events in T1 occured.

Q: What was Arnie saying about a plane crashing into L.A. in T3?

A: summarized an interview with Arnold: "Apparently somewhere in the film there is a major airplane crash in Los Angeles which takes out a number of buildings in the city. This scene is being shot on a football field to make it less expensive." Check this for a reference.
Personally, I am beginning to think that this was just a "for instance" remark on how expensive the budget is for the film.

Q: Will we see a young Reese in T3?

A: No, Reese grew up in the ruins as you should've heard from T1. Hes in T4, hopefully played by Michael Biehn (please!)

Q: What are these rumors that Carrie Anne Moss is cast to be the female terminator?

A: Most likely, thats an untrue rumor, cuz RossBond here was telling people his pic for the female terminator for his FAN script, T3: Final retribution. I guess someone read it from his site and took it as hard fact. More evidence that this is BS is that she is scheduled to star in the Matrix 2, which films the same time as T3.

Q: How do you know all of this?

A: Here are my sources:

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TF remark

We are not sure who made the review and/if links work... but its cool to see what is said about several T4 possibilities ;)

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