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“ It saddens the team to have to say this... we will no longer be creating a Terminator based mod for Battlefield 1942 and Half-Life 2. ” reports

BF2029 Terminated

Sun 6 Jul 2003 | 20h38 GMT+1

This report is by the team that started a cool project of making a mod for the PC game Battle Field. We've been looking forward to their mod and would have loved to see it strive on our PC's... but there is somewhat sad news on the horizon. The Terminator mod is terminated.

I was contacted by C2 / Intermedia about the project and the situation they are in. As you can tell with the many Terminator fansites out there, they are very open regarding the Terminator copyrighted material. The people I talked to were very friendly and understanding regarding our project.

The problem that arises is the fact that they are investing considerable time and resources into a new game called "Terminator: War of the Machines". Because our mod is free it is feared that it may cause lost revenue as gamers may choose to play our mod instead of purchasing thier game.

As diehard gamers and fans of the Terminator movies we can't wait to pick this game up. We have no desire to cause any lost revenues as we want to see further Terminator based games (and movies) and thus based on our discussions with C2 / Intermedia, we have stopped development of our mod. I will be removing all Terminator based images and references from the website soon.

So now the question is "what is our future"? Do we now have no fate? Actually quite the contrary, we have a new story backdrop for our mod. We are still doing 'Man vs. Machine' as that core concept still excites us. BF2029 and HL2029 will now be recreating the future war scenario based on the 1970 movie: 'Colossus: The Forbin Project'

For you old timers out there, you probably remember this one, but for the young gamers here is the Cliff notes version of that movie:

"Dr. Charles Forbin has completed work on the greatest computer ever built: Colossus. The city-sized mainframe, built into an impenetrable Western U.S. mountain, independently controls the American nuclear arsenal. Coldly, rationally, it will assess threats to the U.S. and take action if necessary. The president tells the world such a computer, independent of human weakness, will create lasting peace. That lasts for only a few days when Colossus discovers his Soviet counterpart and begins communicating. Once merged, they tell U.S. and Soviet leaders that the foolishness of the Cold War must end. By threatening nuclear holocaust, the computers -- collectively called Colossus -- engineer assassinations and isolate governments. Dr. Forbin is put under house arrest. Human efforts to short circuit the nukes are discovered by Colossus who punishes them with nuclear detonations. As Colossus makes a global broadcast announcing its intention to enforce peace through strength ,"Freedom is an illusion" it says, the film ends."

The movie transpires in the year 2010. In the years that follow man obeys, but secretly conspires to overthrow its new oppressor. You find yourself in the year 2029, where the war with Colossus is in full effect.

"Colossus, having recognized that humanity is no longer willing to continue to obey has calculated its new objective, humanity's destruction. To this end it has created bipedal robots to seek out and destroy man wherever it may hide. Colossus has also created aerial and other land based robots to assure mans elimination."

The mod team is very excited to create this new universe and to bring to the games we love to play. As always we could use additional skinners, modelers, mappers, coders, sound engineers and animators to help us! If you can help we'd love to have you!

We hope you are as excited about the new project prospects as we are. We leave you now with these words from Colossus:

"This is the voice of world control. I bring you peace. It may be the peace of plenty and content or the peace of unburied death. The choice is yours. Obey me and live, or disobey me and die."

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