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“ John and Kate kissed the day before the T-1000 arrived in T2 ”

In Cripkey's basement, those dirty kids!

Terminator 3 review at T-HOPE

Sun 6 Jul 2003 | 18h25 GMT+1

Hope of the Future has posted a fanreview on his site. And on the forum there is a wonderfull review on things that happen in the T3 movie. Here's a short description.

Killer becomes Protector

The T-850 send back to protect John has elimated John in the future. SKYNET had selected the T-850 because of John's emotional attachement to his model from John' childhood. This way the T-850 could easily infiltrate and kill John Connor. The resistance captures that same Terminator and Kate reprogramms him to go back through time to protect John and Kate. That's why the T-850 is under Kate's command and would become useless if Kate was killed.
A thought: John had to be killed in the future by this Terminator, so Kate could capture it and reprogramm it. If John had choose not to get killed by this Terminator, Kate wouldn't capture it and sent it back. This way young John had no protector and was probably killed. You can put it this way: John had no choice, T-850 had to kill him so he could survive the T-X in the past because Kate sent back the T-850.

T-1000 has partly succeeded in his mission

John and Kate kissed the day before the T-1000 arrived in T2. That way, John had to run and hide from the T-1000 and never saw Kate again. ALthough the T-1000 didn't succed in killing John, he had achieved something else. Because John didn't meet Kate again, John didn't meet Kate's father Robert who was in command of the SKYNET project. Because John didn't meet Robert, he didn't know about the project and couldn't stop it by telling Robert about it. So you could say that the T-1000 completed the first part of his mission.

SKYNET becomes self-aware

Being already a virus in everybody's computer (and so making Judgment Day unevitable), Robert Brewster activated SKYNET to eleminate the virus that was dangerous for all the countries. What Brewster didn't known (and is badly explained in the movie), is that SKYNET has created/released that virus, so the human would give SKYNET full command of every function (including the military). SKYNET knew that the humas would give it full power to elimate the virus. SKYNET also knew that the humans didn't know that virus was SKYNET self-made.

Click top link for the fanreview!

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