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“ Fast-paced, loud, edge-of-your-seat anticipation. You will be excited, you will be appalled. One thing you WILL NOT be, is dissappointed. ”

Nick Castrellon reviews T3

Terminator 3 Review by Nick Castrellon

Tue 1 Jul 2003 | 19h30 GMT+1
Info: T3 synopsis

A few months ago we were contacted by Nick Castrellon who won tickets to a prescreening of T3. We had several emailcontacts with him and came to the mutual agreement that he'd be the first to put a review on our site. Here's what he had to say ( we just can't wait to see it ;). Thanx Nick!


The running time: Originally we were all shocked at the short run time, but this movie is so quickly paced that you'd be exhausted if it went on for 2½ hours. I thought the running time was excellent.

Visual Effects: Hands down, the visuals in T3 are amazing. There was no overload on CGI effects like The Hulk or the Star Wars and Matrix films. There were actually more good old fashioned real-life destruction scenes. The CGI is very impressive and actually very convincing. Sometimes I could not tell the difference between CGI and real-life elements.

Action: Fast-paced, loud, edge-of-your-seat anticipation. You will be excited, you will be appalled. One thing you WILL NOT be, is dissappointed.

The Plot: Underneath the adrenaline-pumped action, there is a very emotional storyline. As my girlfriend said, 'there is no downtime whatsoever'. There is a healthy amount of humor but not so much that it makes the movie ridiculous because T3 has a very dark theme. If Sarah Connor's Nuke nightmare in T2 scared you, you will be a little frightened after seeing the ending. When we all thought it could have ended with T2, we were wrong.

The Acting: Character development was an issue, and I did feel that the movie was a little too fast to know the characters. This may have been done intentionally and it's not a bad thing at all. You will have enough info on your plate to embrace and know the characters enough to enjoy the movie.

  • Nick Stahl (John Connor):
    - Terrific
    - Puts Mr. Furlong to shame.
    - He is a great actor.
  • Claire Danes (Kate Brewster):
    - Awesome
    - A great actress who breathes new life into the saga.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger (The Terminator - T-850):
    - More developed and way more aggressive.
    - Arnold's performance in T3 was his best yet.
    - I am proud to be one of his fans.
  • Kristanna Loken (The T-X):
    - WOW!
    - This is one Mean B*tch!

My conclusion

If I were to rate T3 using the Ebert & Roeper scale, 2 thumbs up! All the way. Arnold is definately 'back' and better than ever! You will not be dissappointed at all!

James Cameron should be extremly proud of Jonathan Mostow for not ruining his creation. Jonathan Mostow is a rare kind of director and he definately has alot to offer in the next few years. He did an awesome job. T3 is not just a summer moneymaker, there is something much bigger here. Whatever it is it will definately be worth the wait.

Review by Nick Castrellon
T3 prescreening on June 30th!

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