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“ Customize your desktop with thousands of high-quality images ”

Eyetide Screensavers

Interactive T3 screen saver by Eyetide

Wed 11 Jun 2003 | 16h00 GMT+1

Eyetide brings you a screensaver which is updated every day with new T3 stuff. By installing their Eyetide Viewer you are able to download entire image collections. And they've launched an T3 gallery too!

The Viewer downloads new images in the collections you select, automatically, along with news, articles, and other great stuff.

You can customize your desktop with thousands of high-quality images, browse through related websites that have to do with the selected image and send the image as an Eyecard to any emailaddress all over the world.

Manage your content and add other great image collections, create your own screensavers and share them with friends and other users!

Click top link for more info!

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