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“ Quality video that is nearly three and a half times better resolution than standard DVDs! ”

Artisan's Hi-Definition Bonus DVD-ROM release of T2

Anti-piracy Terminator 2 Extreme DVD

Thu 5 Jun 2003 | 02h00 GMT+1

Digital Envoy, the leading provider of territorial rights management technology, and SyncCast, a leading Internet Streaming Hosting Provider and digital media technology company, today announced that Artisan Home Entertainment is using Microsoft Windows Media 9 Series Digital Rights Management (DRM) to secure the online distribution of the cutting-edge, high-definition content on the "Terminator 2: Judgment Day (Extreme Edition)" bonus DVD. This is the first ever use of the technology for a high-definition product.

Theft and unauthorized replication of digital content has prevented many media companies from issuing high-quality digital goods to consumers via the Internet. In the case of Artisan's Hi-Definition Bonus DVD-ROM release of "Terminator 2," -- providing movie buffs with 5.1 surround sound and rich, quality video that is nearly three and a half times better resolution than standard DVDs -- the content is only licensed for distribution in North America, making it critical that territorial rights management be a part of the distribution solution. "Terminator 2" was released in the U.S. and Canada on June 3, 2003 for a suggested retail price of $29.98.

"It is great to see SyncCast and Digital Envoy working on innovative ways to provide media companies and their customers with rich content-protection solutions built on the Windows Media Digital Rights Management platform," said Jason Reindorp, Group Manager, Windows Digital Media Division at Microsoft Corp.

"Protecting DVD-ROM content represents a new opportunity for media companies looking to distribute their content on the Internet, and our success in winning some early adopters such as Artisan speaks volumes about the Internet's future as a viable means of secure content distribution for entertainment companies," said Ezra Davidson, vice president, business development, SyncCast. "Our service is user friendly, and works transparently. As long as users have a valid disc and a North American IP address, they will be issued a license to access the content."

How companies are securing content distributed via the internet

The joint solution from SyncCast and Digital Envoy offers media and entertainment companies a first-of-a-kind DRM solution incorporating territorial rights management technology to address licensing issues and to control content downloads in restricted areas.

SyncCast used Microsoft Windows Media Rights Manager to build its DRM Solution technology to protect copyrighted materials online and other traditional media (DVD-ROMs/CD-ROMs). SyncCast's DRM Solution provides real-time reporting of content licensing and consumption, including when content was licensed (time and date); where content was licensed (country, state, city); and what was licensed (file names, byte size, version, server-side end user licensing agreements). Furthermore, SyncCast's DISCryption(R) technology combines its DRM Solution with ground-breaking disc-identification technology that relies on a unique serial ID burned into every disc for maximum anti-theft protection.

SyncCast's DRM Solution is powered by Digital Envoy's NetAcuity(R) technology, which utilizes IP addresses to non-invasively identify the location of Web site visitors down to the city level worldwide -- in real time. This technology is the most accurate and reliable technology on the market for providing secure territorial rights management and is in use by leading networks, enterprises and solutions providers including Google, AOL Time Warner, Network Associates, Cable and Wireless, AT&T, Walt Disney Internet Group and CinemaNow.

"We selected Digital Envoy as our exclusive partner for territorial rights management because it is the leader in geo-intelligence technology, as demonstrated by an A-list of clients," said Davidson. "Also, integrating their technology with our DRM Solution took less than two days and provides better content controls than the technology utilized by most DVD players."

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