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“ Engineered so as not to impede upon the Terminator's extreme level of activity in the film. ”

Sama T3 sunglasses

Sama Terminator 3 sunglasses available online!

Thu 8 May 2003 | 00h00 GMT+1

Sama Eyewear graces the face of the Terminator in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, the highly anticipated third installment in one of Hollywood's most innovative and celebrated franchises.

Sama custom-designed the unique frames specially for Arnold Schwarzenegger, carefully constructng the frames to surpass the films's production requirements. Utilizing the finest cutting-edge technology and manufactoring techniques, Sama was selected by the filmmakers and the Terminator himself to create the signature T3 frame.

"After seeing hundreds of frames without finding anything that spoke to us, we were thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Sheila Vance, designer of Sama Eyewear to customize teh frame specifically for Arnold. They worked perfectly and truly capture the essence of the Terminator," explained April Ferry, Terminator 3 Costume Designer.

Manufactured in Japan, the T3 frame features heat-molded wrapped acetate materials, exclusive custom laminated colored zyl with tumble-matte finishes in 4 custom colors.

Engineered so as not to impede upon the Terminator's extreme level of activity in the film, the T3 frame is performance-ready with a sleek aerodynamic design to accomodate high speeds and provide ventilation. Featuring a zyl shell and a betatitanium core (previously only used in the aerospace industry), the T3 frame is exceptionally lightweight but also extraordinarily durable and features Rubberon (mold-injected silicone) components which provide superior grip, so as to curtail slippage and provide balance.

The lences are comprised of Prolite in 8-base curves with Polarized gradient tints. Sama has poneered this means to produce gradient tints wilhe heightening visual acuity and eliminating distortion generally associated with deep curves in conjunction with fashion tinting processes.

With vital technology specifically catering to the extreme athlete, the T3 frame also caters a wide variety of wearers, having produced in multiple sizes and colors for an international and diverse market.

The T3 frame collection was introduced at Vision Expo East in March 2003 featuring a variety of colors and sizes suited for both men and women, all of which are inspired by the future of fashion and filmmaking.

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