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“ Hi Clint. You seem about as sceptical as every other webmaster on the net when it comes to Terminator 3 : Rise of the Machines. ”

I'm writing to you to tell you there's no need to worry

Alleged Terminator 3 screening review

Fri 2 May 2003 | 00h00 GMT+1

Am I excited about "Terminator 3"? Um, well, I don't know if 'excited' is quite the word as much as "Interested" is. As a big fan of the films, I'm as equally interested to see what Mostow [Jonathan, the director] can do with it. After all, this was James Cameron's baby and now he's got someone else changing it's dirty diapers and refilling it's milk.

But the word - according to a bunch of Sony publicists I've talked to in the last couple of weeks -is generally good. They say the effects are great, the story flows well and that audiences are going to lap this up just as much as the first two. Ok, that I'm unsure of, and will be, until I attend that very first media screening. Studios are going to tell me it's good are'nt they? 'Durango Daddy' attended that studio screening and sheds some more light on what we can expect. Seems the good outweights the bad - which is good news.

"Hi Clint. You seem about as sceptical as every other webmaster on the net when it comes to Terminator 3 : Rise of the Machines, so I'm writing to you to tell you there's no need to worry. T3 delivers the goods".

"If you've seen the trailers, you haven't seen much at all. In this case, the studio is truly saving the best for the film itself. I was shocked at how good this thing is. But what I want to say is that it bears only some [in contrast to a lot of] resemblance to Cameron's movies. The names are the same, the storyline is essentially unchanged, but this is a new film. Mostow has put his on spin on the Terminator name - but don't let that deter you, his vision is quite noteworthy. I myself was concerned that the absence of Linda Hamilton, Cameron, even Furlong, would spoil it all - not so. Mostow doesn't make you forget they were a part of it all, he simply moves events along briskly, so you don't have time to stop and ponder 'what could have been'".It's as if he has breathed life into the films and kicked them off again - T4 is a shoe-in. And you'll know this thanks to the flicks last minutes. but i'm no spoiler, so i'll spare you that".

"I guess in some respects - and fans might be bummed about this - action takes first place before the story. I guess what Cameron was able to do was to combine both very well, and in this instance, it truly is a spectacle of action and effects, rather than action, effects and a well-detailed story. But the action in this does rock - so sceptics will be fine with it. Loken is pretty good as the TX, but Robert Patrick was more frightening as T 1000. In some respects, she plays it a little too hammy, to be scary. But what's good is that we're looking at a character again, not a star playing a character, so we see nothing but a baddie on screen at all times."

"Stahl is pretty good as John connor. probably much better than furlong might have been anyway. he probably gives one of the movies best performances. I would have liked a bit more chemistry between he and Danes but for what its worth, they do the trick. Danes looks damn dashing in it too - in some respects, she's playing the Sarah Connor of the first film. But Arnold, now here's what makes this movie. He is the terminator. now doubts about it. as soon as he reappears, all those 'this is gonna suck' feelings go. He's looking a little more aged, but he truly is BACK in this. the "she'll be back" line was met with a few auditorium giggles though, as were some of the other corny stuff he has to say. But it works in a funny way - without making the character a caraciature of itself. You still feel like standing up and cheering every time Arnie knocks this gravely villianess to the floor".

"I believe the print we saw is pretty much whats going to be released at cinemas, plus or minus a couple of music compositions. it's one heck of an action movie, and even though cameron 'may' have been able to do more with the storyline and depth of it all, you truly appreciate the fact that mostow hasn't messed it up. Time to smile fans!"

Kinda reassuring 'Durango Daddy' - but still not smiling til I see it for myself.

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