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“ It is possible that some of the Guns'n'Roses album arrangements are being considered for the T3 soundtrack ”

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Guns N Roses on track?!

Tue 29 Apr 2003 | 00h00 GMT+1

While we wait and wait (and wait) for Axl Rose to release the Chinese Democracy album, Guns 'n' Roses may find Slash and other ex-Gunners along with Scott Weiland beat him to the punch.

The former Gunners band featuring Slash, Duff McLagen, Matt Sorum along with Dave Kushner have recruited Scott Weiland to lay down vocals on a cover of Pink Floyd's 'Money' for the remake of the movie 'The Italian Job'.

Mark (Marky Mark) Wahlberg plays the lead character Charlie Parker who Michael Caine made famous in the original 1969 movie. The other star of the original movie was the Mini Cooper. The reissue of the new Mini Cooper by manufacturer BMW was one of the inspirations for this new movie.

With everything old being new again, it was a short leap to recruit Slash, gather up his old band mates and reconstruct a song now 33 years old.

There have been lots of rumours that Weiland will be the voice of the former G'n'R band for a full album but that is still to be confirmed.

As for Chinese Democracy, well as early as this week guitarist Richard Fortus was asked in an interview for Anderson Guitars if he had one wish for the world what would it be? His answer ... "Actually finishing and releasing "CHINESE DEMOCRACY." So with that in mind, don't hold your breath.

However, the latest on the recording is that composer Marco Beltrami, who has scored the soundtrack to Terminator 3, has produced orchestral arrangements for four songs from Chinese Democracy. They are "Seven", "Leave Me Alone", "General" and "Thyme". It is possible that some of these arrangements are the work are the songs being considered for the Terminator 3 soundtrack.

Meanwhile, the Elan album 'Street Child' will be released next month. Slash plays lead guitar on the title track.

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