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“ I didn't feel motivated and I didn't think it made sense for me economically or creatively at the time ”

James Cameron on not doing T3

James Cameron answers fans!

Tue 22 Apr 2003 | 00h00 GMT+1

TOP director James Cameron's 1997 picture Titanic became the biggest grossing film of all time. But after that huge success James took a break from Hollywood to work on his new feature Ghosts Of The Abyss. The Sun tracked down the Oscar winner at the film's premiere to put fan questions to him. Below are a few:

Why are you not involved with Terminator 3 and do you think the film lives up to the legend you created?

I haven't seen it and I know very little about it. I wasn't involved in any way other than Arnold (Schwarzenegger) had been trying to get me to do the film, because he wanted to put the team back together.

But I told him I wasn't going to do it - I didn't feel motivated and I didn't think it made sense for me economically or creatively at the time.

But I thought it made a lot of sense for Arnold, especially economically. So I said: "You just go ask them for a lot of money, and I'm thinking of a number with a three in front of it. You should absolutely do it."

So that's exactly what he did, and I think that's how the film got made. Let's just see if it's good.

Do you regret not doing Terminator 3 or are you more than happy for them to run with your ideas and characters?

I wouldn't say I'm more than happy but, you know, this is something that I knew would happen.

When I decided not to do the film I had to sit down and think about the day I would be asked this question and the day I would open Variety and see what the opening weekend grosses were. I had to know in advance I would be comfortable with those two moments.

And I thought neither one of those are reasons to make a movie. I felt like I'd told my story and I didn't have a specific story to tell for Terminator 3.

I no longer own the rights, I'd given those up years before when I was trying to move from being a truck driver to being a film director. That was the price of entry for me to get into this business.

I can't complain about anything. There's not a tear shed and I wish them well.

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