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“ The party promises to be as mind-blowing as the film! ”

Michael Garreffa, Entertainment Business Director

MTV and Columbia TriStar Terminator 3 party

Thu 17 Apr 2003 | 00h00 GMT+1
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MTV Networks Europe and Columbia TriStar Film Distributors International (CTFDI) are to join forces in Cannes to host the most explosive party of this year's Cannes Film Festival in celebration of the return of one of the movie world's most notorious cult figures, the Terminator, in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.

On 17 May, Europe's movie elite will be invited to party with Arnold Schwarzenegger at Pierre Cardin's private villa, Le Palais Bulles (Bubble Palace), situated in the coastal hills with breathtaking views across the Cote d'Azur - a dramatic setting for the long-anticipated return of the Terminator. In addition to Schwarzenegger, attendees from the film will include newcomer Kristanna Loken, Nick Stahl, Claire Danes, director Jonathan Mostow and the producers.

The exclusive party, which is sponsored by leading pan-European gaming brand 'EA Games, will feature a collection of animatronic and robotic characters created by renowned character creator Stan Winston, a Terminator veteran who won two of his four Academy Awards for Visual Effects and Makeup on Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Special-effect pieces on display, include the Terminator TX, a sophisticated cyborg/fighting machine (and Arnold Schwarzenegger's nemesis in the film, played by actress Kristanna Loken); and T-1 robots, the predecessors to all Terminator cyborgs.

In addition to the new T-1 and TX Terminators, there will also be various animatronic incarnations of the T-800, the Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger made famous in the two original films.

Commented Michael Garreffa, Entertainment Business Director, European Marketing Partnerships, MTV Networks Europe: "Columbia TriStar wanted a glittering platform to celebrate the return of the Terminator, and the MTV party in Cannes is legendary. The timelessness of the Terminator films, the glamour of Cannes, and MTV's global youth appeal provides a perfect synergy... and the party promises to be as mind-blowing as the film!"

Le Palais Bulles will provide the backdrop for Britain's hottest dance act Groove Armada who will perform an exclusive set guaranteed to keep the glitterati of the movie world on the dance floor set within the walls of the spectacular space age fortress of interconnected bubble shaped rooms, hidden pools, secluded seating areas, rounded viewing decks and an underwater lounge.

The MTV Movies Team will be filming all the action to ensure all the biggest names of the movie world are captured partying and schmoozing from the sensational 56th Cannes Film Festival (14th - 25 May) the programming will be supported by content on MTV's nine European 'At the Movies' websites.

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