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“ Imax figures that so-called 'event movies' would make good candidates for reformatting. ”

MarketWatch reports

Terminator 3 in Imax format?

Mon 17 Feb 2003 | 02h00 GMT+1

MarketWatch has a cool item about IMAX trying to get studios to have them produce their movies for the IMAX formats.


...The maker of giant-screen films, and creator of the theaters in which they play, hopes to be part of Hollywood's mainstream release schedule. If it gets its way, Imax will put out its own large-screen versions of such films as "Lord of the Rings" the same day they show up in conventional theaters.

Possible candidates:

Imax figures that so-called event movies like the next "Spider-Man" or "Lord of the Rings: Return of the King" would make good candidates for reformatting.

Unfortunately for Imax, the respective distributors of those films, Sony (SNE: news, chart, profile) and AOL Time Warner's (AOL: news, chart, profile) New Line, aren't considering that just yet.

AOL's Warner Bros. Pictures group announced last week it would co-produce a three-dimensional film with Imax on auto racing to be released in spring 2004.

The company isn't saying, though, whether it would consider a concurrent release of such upcoming features as "Terminator 3," its two planned "Matrix" sequels this year or the next "Harry Potter" film in the Imax format.

Still, while studios have yet to commit, they are looking. Jim Tharp, distribution chief at privately held DreamWorks, said it might be just a matter of finding the right movie.

"We would consider it," he said, "depending on the timing and the type of product."

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