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“ There's no bigger action hero than the Terminator and our games will live up to the legend. ”

Bruno Bonnell, chairman and CEO of Infogrames

Infogrames acquires game rights T3

Sun 17 Nov 2002 | 13h10 GMT+1
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Infogrames has announced that it has acquired the worldwide interactive game rights to Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.

Under the agreement, Infogrames can develop and publish games for the PC and console systems. The first game based on the film is scheduled for release in summer 2003, coinciding with the release of the film. The agreement also gives Infogrames the rights to develop games based on a possible Terminator 4 film, if it ever happens to be made.

"There's no bigger action hero than the Terminator and our games will live up to the legend," said Bruno Bonnell, chairman and CEO of Infogrames. "Video games and the motion pictures, the most popular forms of entertainment worldwide, are more closely connected than ever before and we are thrilled to be adding this enormously successful franchise to our growing Hollywood lineup." Infogrames is currently developing another Terminator game, Terminator: Dawn of Fate, for the Sony PlayStation 2 and the Microsoft Xbox. Terminator: Dawn of Fate is scheduled for release later this year.

Note that the games related to this license are distinct from the already-announced Terminator: Dawn of Fate, which is based on an original story in the Terminator universe. Dawn of Fate will be released for PlayStation 2 and Xbox later this year. Look forward to further news on all of Infogrames' Terminator projects as it arises!

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