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“ I can tell you we worked hard to free up space for this movie. ”

Lindsay Allen on T3 shooting

Did Schwarzeneggers political plans play role in T3 move?

Tue 19 Feb 2002 | 00h00 GMT+1
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Last week Vancouver had a leg up on Toronto, Hollywood North-wise, with the biggest-budgeted movie of the summer -- the $170-million Terminator 3. But that's changed with news on the weekend that T3 will stay at home in Los Angeles -- at a cost of some 800 Canadian jobs. Reportedly a huge L.A. mega-facility that hadn't been available now is. T3 is filming there because of "a better deal."

But the acting head of the B.C. Film Commission admits politics may have more to do with it than anything. And if that's true, it's the Toronto industry's loss too.

"I can tell you we worked hard to free up space for this movie," said Lindsay Allen, whose office wasn't given a reason by the T3 producers for last week's pullout. "But there's been a lot of pressure to keep that film in L.A. A movie this size leaving L.A. would be really bad publicity for Arnold if he decides to run for office."

Yes, Arnold Schwarzenegger is nearing the end of his career as an action star -- and the beginning of his long-planned career as a politician. In fact, he's dropped hints in interviews (including one he gave The Sun) that he could make a run for the job of governor of California as early as next year.

The Republicans have no clear front-runner in California and there are plenty of scenarios by which Ah-nold could scare up the nomination. And once he's there, who knows? Can you say Jesse Ventura? Arnold's frequent co-star and pal has provided him with the ultimate template.

But if you're the saviour of California, how does it look if your last three movies have been shot outside the good ol' U.S. of A.? A case could be made for Collateral Damage, since it's partly set in Colombia (and was shot in Mexico). But the clone thriller The Sixth Day was shot in the clone city Vancouver for no reason other than saving money.

With drums still pounding after Sept. 11, and Canada a handy villain sucking away jobs, it's good to remember Hollywood is about image. And money. If you make money shooting in Canada, that's good. Except for your image. That's bad.

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